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The Annual RISE Africa Photography Competition brings to you the theme of this year’s Photography Competition is Everyday Possibilities… [From neighbourhoods to cities]. They are on the lookout for captivating pictures with aesthetic value, meaningful content and alignment with the theme. Eligibility: – All entrants must be over the age of 18. – Entries must be photographic in nature (still images captured using a camera) — no other media form will be considered. – No synthetic or artificially generated images are allowed. The use of smart tools or AI-powered enhancement tools is permissible (e.g. colour correction or contrast adjustment), as long as these tools do not significantly change the image as a whole, introduce new information to the image or remove information from the image that was captured by the camera. – The content and context of the images must be of, or in, African cities. – Images must not be degrading to the dignity of the subject. – Please, only share portraits with permission. All images received will be deemed to have been taken and submitted with the necessary permission of their subjects. – No images in which children are identifiable by their faces will be considered eligible.

Requirements: Each entry must be accompanied by a title and description/story of 100–150 words. – Up to 8 images can be submitted per entry, but these must all be related to the entry title and description. – The combined file size per entry may not exceed 10 MB. Submission: – Please submit your competition entries using this form by Sunday, 7 April 2024. –

Once the submission window has closed, 7–12 entries will be shortlisted by the RISE Africa curatorial team, voted upon by a panel of selected judges and announced at the RISE Africa 2024 Action Festival, hosted online on 22–25 May 2024. Prizes: – The winner will receive $500. – Two finalists will each receive $200.

Deadline: 7th April 2024

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