About Us

Discovering and Amplifying Africa’s Unique Voices

The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists [APVA] is a community-driven organization that seeks to discover, amplify, and celebrate African voice/audio creatives, that is podcasters, voice artists, and spoken word artists
We are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the audio-creative industry in Africa.

APVA aspires to elevate African voices, highlight the admirable inventive efforts of its youth, and motivate us to own and be united in our own accomplishments and challenges through the most exciting, educational, and engaging dialogues about Africa.

Think of APVA as the backstage crew, the sound techs, and the cheerleaders for Africa's audio scene.

We’re here to make sure that when the world tunes in, they’ll hear AFRICA loud and clear.

We’re the go-to folks for up-and-coming podcasters, voiceover artists, the rhyme weavers, and all those who hold the art of spoken words dear.

We’re on a mission to find those unique African stories – the kind that sticks with you, the kind that needs to be shared far and wide.

And we don’t just stop at finding talent. Nope, we’re in the business of making sure these storytellers have what they need to thrive.


We’re talking resources, training, and a helping hand to turn their passion into something real – something that can pay the bills.

But what’s a story if it’s not shared? That’s why we’re also the bridge between these voices and the world. We chat with big names and organizations that want to help out, making sure our creatives have the latest tools, the coolest resources, and opportunities that are just right for them.

So if you’re ready to hear Africa like never before or have the voice that needs to be heard, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to APVA – where Africa’s audio creatives find their tribe and stage.

Our Vision

To be the heartbeat of the African audio-creative industry, fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Our Mantra

  • To deepen our mission, further solidifying our role as industry shapers.
  • To strengthen the industry, ensuring its longevity and vibrancy.
  • To impact emerging creatives, ensuring the continuation of our legacy.

Our Approach

Creating, curating, and bringing sector updates, opportunities, events, tools, and resources closer to the African creative.

Our Objectives

  • Discover Africa’s Unique voices that are telling and retelling the African narrative.
  • Amplify the excellent works of African audio creatives via the African Podcast and Voice Awards and other industry-specific events
  • Strengthen the African audio industry by providing home-grown resources that cater to the needs of audio creatives
  • Transform audio skills into viable businesses via the APVA Academy
  • Lead conversations with international organizations (prospect partners) and mediate to provide tools and facilities easily accessed by African audio creatives.
  • Partner with and support communities and organizations looking to support the African audio industry.

Our Ecosystem: Diverse Dimensions of APVA


Ecosystem Supporters, Partners and Media Friends

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