Podcast host Digitallagos

Digitallagos is looking for a creative podcast host who has good organisation skills. We need a podcast host to help us launch our podcast show in Nigeria. This means a young kool individual who understands trend and social media, content creation for our target customers.

Key Responsibilities:  

Interview guest who has expertise in a specific field and record episodes, manage our social media accounts. Creating show formats that will appeal to listeners and keep and keep them engaged. Managing relationships with sponsors to ensure that they are happy with the exposure they are getting in exchange for their sponsorship dollars. Coordinating with producers, designers, and other staff members to create an episode’s content. Preparing for each episode by researching topics or contacting guests. Editing recorded audio files to remove any stutters or contacting guests. Reviewing listeners feedback and responding to questions or concerns from listeners about previous episodes.

Person specification

25 – 35, with BA degree in communications, broadcasting and media, and liberal arts. Need to be native or at least have a Nigerian heritage/ethnicity – Need to have lived most of his/her life in Nigeria – Need to live in a major Nigerian city.$40.00-$.00/hour

Podcast Host Skills

Communicate clearly and effectively with guest and listeners Communicate clearly with producers to ensure you have the information you need to create a quality podcast

Research skills –Ability to research topics and interviews to ensure you ask the right questions and provide listeners with the information they need Research skills can also help you prepare for podcast as you can find topics and guests that are relevant to your audience

Listening SkillsGood listening and ability to ask questions that encourage your guests to share details about their topic you should also be able to listen to your audience’s feedback and answer their questions

Training & Experience:

Radio or television hosting a show, interviewing, interviewing guest and editing audio & video and writing.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved at ground level and influence the way the organization evolve. We would be happy to discuss the position in more details off-line with interested candidates.

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